Step By Step

How we work

Web design involves more than just having the technical skills to build a website. It involves helping you communicate what your business or organization is about to your audience. So if we don’t know all about you, how can we create the great website you’re looking for? We use the following standard process in order to effectively manage the creation of a client’s website from start to finish. This process consists of a number of phases, which are as follows:


First, we meet with you to determine your website goals and aspirations.


Then, after much concentrated discussion, study and thought, we provide you with a stellar website architecture.


Next, you’re provided with a stunning design concept that encapsulates your brand essence.


Our programming/developer team will then take your concepts and bring them to life on the web.


We run through the entire site for quality assurance, browser testing, and SEO performance.


Then we let that baby loose into the world, and we monitor how it’s doing. We may even have some champagne with you when the site goes live.